The Complete Guide to Keno

There are several kinds of casino games that players can play both online and at landbased casinos. One of the most interesting and rewarding of these games is keno. The gameplay of keno is quite the same as bingo as well as lotteries. In this our comprehensive casino game guide, we will take you through how to play online keno. We will also explain the basic rules of the game as well as how you can select the best online keno casino. You can visit websites such as to find out more about different kinds of casino games.


Understanding the Keno Gameplay

Keno is not a difficult game to learn as it does not need you to have any special skill before you can play. It is a pure game of luck where your goal is to predict the numbers that will come out in the end as winning numbers. To play keno, the first thing that you need to do is buy the keno ticket. If you are playing at an online casino or keno room, you can get the ticket from the cashier or dealer of the game. But with online keno, all you need to really do is load the keno game and the ticket is provided.

  1. Keno is a game of luck
  2. Keno is played with a ticket or card

A keno ticket consists of numbers usually between 1 to 80 numbers which are arranged either sequentially or randomly depending on the variation of the game. There are some keno games available online that has 1 to 120 numbers on their ticket. After you've purchased your preferred keno ticket, the next thing you need to do is to mark the numbers which you think will be selected as winning numbers. In the online version, just click on the numbers and it is marked. Some version of keno may allow you to mark just 10 numbers while others may allow up to 20 numbers.

The Raffle Draw in Keno

Once you are done marking your lucky numbers on the card, there will be a raffle round that takes place. In this raffle round, the dealer of the game will select some numbers at random from a pot. You are to check if the numbers correlate with the ones you have marked already on your ticket. If it does, then you have won the game. Winnings in keno, regardless of the variation, usually depends on how much you bought the card, the numbers marked that was announced and the overall numbers marked. You can play keno online at our suggested casinos like:

  • Casumo Casino
  • Mr Green Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • Dunder Casino

One of the great things about online casino gaming is that developers of games make their games available to players in free mode. Thus, you can always play some variation of online keno for free to know the different rules that apply to the game and also test the gameplay yourself. Another awesome benefit of free keno is that you can develop gaming strategies of your own for the game to use in boosting your winning chances. This will be very useful for you when you proceed to play keno games for real money. Why not play keno today at our suggested online casinos.